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The firm’s principal — Lawrence J. Sherman — is an experienced trial and appellate attorney whose accomplishments has been recognized in multiple editions professional contributions in Marquis’ Who’s Who In American Lawyers , including in the Millennium Edition of Marquis’s Who’s Who In America . Mr. Sherman and his professional colleagues use highly developed litigation, advocacy and conflict resolution skills to serve a wide variety of clients.

The firm is organized to provide highly personalized and specialized legal services through affiliations on a case-by-case basis with other highly competent and dedicated attorneys and law firms. We also use junior attorneys, law clerks, and administrative employees, as need, to provide a full range of legal services, including the following areas in our firm has extensive experience:

Labor relations and collective bargaining representation in the public and private sectors.
Trial, appellate, and administrative litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution through mediation and structured negotiations.
Age, sex, race, and national origin discrimination, including harassment based on these and other protected characteristics.

Retaliation of complaining about discrimination or exercising legally protected rights.
Workplace privacy issues; non-complete and confidentiality agreements.
Wrongful discharge, workplace torts, and wage payment claims
Negotiation and enforcement of employment and severance agreements.
Reduction in force, layoffs, and failure to promote.

We are providing this overview, along with the more detailed information, links and biographical information, to underscore our ability to represent clients in a highly effective, professional and cost-effective manner the workplace. Our principal and affiliated attorneys bring to the table finely honed skills as trial lawyers, litigators and advocates, but we always try to temper our zealous advocacy on behalf of clients with the use sound judgment, dynamic strategies and professionalism at every turn in the road.

The firm can be reached through this website or by e-mail address through . Our telephone number is (202) 785-0384. We look forward to hearing from you.

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