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A Personal Approach To Family Law

Divorce, custody disputes and other family law matters touch every aspect of your life — from finances to your personal relationships. Knowledge of the law is only the beginning. When finding solutions, the lawyer helping you through this difficult time needs to understand the impact a path will have on your family in the long term.

The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch takes a personal approach to resolving family law disputes. Attorney Hirsch uses traditional and innovative legal techniques that ease the mental and emotional stress caused by family law disputes, and find solutions that work in the real world.
Using Collaborative Law To Find Solutions

During her almost 20-year career as a lawyer, Ms. Hirsch has come to believe that the best solutions often come through compromise. When possible, she encourages clients to use collaborative law to resolve their family law matters out of court. This approach not only saves time and money, it also helps preserve parenting relationships. Avoiding contentious litigation often enables couples to find common ground and better positions them to work together in the future.

However, collaborative law is not always the answer. When necessary, Ms. Hirsch uses negotiation and litigation to protect her clients’ interests.

Located in Washington, D.C., The Law Firm of Andrea Hirsch represents clients throughout the D.C. area and in Montgomery County, Maryland. Contact the firm for more information about Ms. Hirsch’s legal services.

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