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Mr. Dale, 59, a native North Carolinian, has lived in Washington, D.C., since 1973, first working for the late Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. on the Watergate Committee. He graduated Georgetown University Law School in 1977, and has practiced law since then as a solo practitioner. Dale, one of Washington’s best known attorneys, specializes in criminal law.

Dale first gained notoriety in the mid 1980’s while representing D.C., then Mayor Marton Barry’s acquaintance turned accuser Karen Johnson, plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Morgan and her child custody battle and accused spy Randy Miles Jeffries, along with a host of others charged with public corruption.

Dale has been profiled by the Washington Post (Style, October 13, 1987), the Washington Times (Metropolitan, September 24, 1987), the Legal Times (January 1988), and Washingtonian Magazine (August 1989), where he was named as one of the District’s best criminal defense attorneys.

Dale has also gained national recognition from his representation of Robert Luongo who was arrested after appearing on the Larry King Live Show. Mr. Luongo was carrying the pistol used by Jack Ruby to kill Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy. Dale successfully argued for dismissal of all charges and the return of the weapon, recently purchased for $220,000.00.

Dale has also represented Brian Mooar, a Washington Post reporter who sued the District of Columbia government as a result of being assaulted by police officers when he photographed them handcuffing a female motorist to a mail box in freezing weather, and Joanne O’Rourke, an employee of the House of Representatives charged in the same scandal for which Congressman Dan Rostenkowski faced trial.

Dale remains in the local limelight representing various public officials and police officers accused of public corruption, including, until his arrest, the Chief of Police’s Lieutenant and confidant Jeffrey Stowe. As the Washington Post noted “he is client list looks like the U.S. District Court’s celebrity roster.” Now retired U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin told a reporter recently that he was “the next Edward Bennett Williams.”

Dale also specializes in representation of students who must not only face criminal charges but also answer violations of their Student Code of Conduct.

Dale has appeared on numerous talk shows in the Washington area and has provided commentary for local television and radio stations, covering political corruption trials. Dale has also provided legal commentary for Court T.V.

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