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Hessinger Law, in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater Florida, works hard to protect your rights and give you hope for a fresh start in life. Our law firm’s practice area focus is exclusively criminal defense.

Attorney Timothy Hessinger has over 24 years of extensive criminal law experience, all in the Tampa Bay local area. Tim Hessinger has effectively defended all types of state court criminal charges, everything from multimillion dollar white collar criminal charges and murder charges to driving on a suspended license. Hessinger Law also works to sealing and expung records.

The law firm provides criminal defense for such state court charges as drug trafficking, drug possession, domestic violence, DUI, sex crimes and probation violations. Our attorneys also defend cases involving state court white collar crimes, child abuse, and drug and grow house cases.

Our law firm will devote all of its efforts to achieving the best possible result in your case, whether it is an acquittal at trial, a dismissal of some or all of the charges, or a plea agreement that minimizes the penalties that you face. An effective criminal defense attorney can do a great deal to challenge government evidence by exposing its weaknesses and bring up reasonable doubt.

As a former 15 year prosecutor, Timothy Hessinger has exceptional insight into all aspects of serious criminal cases, and since 2005 has dedicated his practice to criminal defense. Since the firm’s inception, Tim Hessinger has effectively defended hundreds of accused individuals in the Tampa Bay area.

Tim’s legal knowledge allows him to act quickly for his clients. In many cases, Mr. Hessinger may be able to provide the State Attorney with the other side of the story or mitigating evidence prior to the filing of charges. The State Attorney may then decide to drop or file lesser charges.

Hessinger Law has carefully selected other experts and professionals to enhance the team. The very best investigators, forensic accountants, accident re-constructionists, forensic pathologists, chemists, neuropsychologists, treating psychologists, forensic lab evaluators, drug treatment providers and many others experts are retained by us to assist on your case, as necessary.

Hessinger Law offers a free initial consultation to review your case, and discuss preparation of a defense strategy for the best possible outcome. We will also answer any questions you may have. The law firm accepts credit cards.

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