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I am Roger D. Mason II, a partner at the law firm of Petruccelli Mason, LLP, in Tampa, Florida. For over a decade, I have represented consumers who have been victims of auto dealership fraud. I apply my knowledge of the law to vigorously pursue my clients’ claims.

Protecting Auto Purchasers

Auto dealership fraud can take many different forms, and I have successfully handled the full range of claims. These include cases of misrepresentation about the vehicle, alteration of finance terms after a contract has been signed, contract terms changed after execution, harassment of consumers into purchasing a vehicle and vehicles sold with incorrect mileage. If you have experienced any of these instances, my law firm, Petruccelli Mason, LLP, can help.

I can also represent you if you have suffered auto repair fraud and if you have been the victim of unfair attempts or threats to repossess your vehicle. There is no Florida lemon law, but statutes such as the Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Act and Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act provide robust legal protection for auto dealership fraud victims if applied correctly by experienced lawyers like me, Roger D. Mason II.


I provide free consultations and am available during evenings and weekends. I can also manage your case via email if this is more convenient. Remember, I have a stake in your success. If I don’t recover compensation for you from the dealer, I will not charge you for my services. If you think my law firm can help, please give me a call or email me.

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