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As business owners and former inside corporate counsel, we’ve had our share of experiences with a number of law firms. We began with a vision to create a business law firm that would benefit its clients in those areas we found law firms to lack as a business owner.

Slinde Nelson is a firm of attorneys who:

have worked inside of businesses as either owners or counsel;
have experience running business organizations;
will not be subject to aggressive billable-hour requirements; and
return calls promptly, communicating regularly with our clients, and will be accessible for brief calls without charge.

In short, we’re highly-experienced individuals who represent our clients as we would want to be represented ourselves.

This vision of Slinde Nelson has resonated in the Washington and Oregon business communities. We don’t care to fluff our feathers. But to those clients who join us, our satisfaction surveys regularly conclude we’re living up to our goals to deliver legal services in a personable, responsive and customer-friendly manner beyond the norm.

Regardless of the stage of your business cycle, we invite you to call us. Let us know you read this on the web, and we’ll take a few minutes to discuss whether Slinde Nelson is the right firm to partner with your organization.

P.S. If you are investigating starting a business, Buying or Selling a Business, or any other type of business law issue, please feel free to visit our Resources page in order to read a few articles.

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601 Union Street, Suite 2600
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Slinde Nelson (Main Office)
111 Southwest 5th Avenue Suite 1940
Portland, Oregon 97204

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