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If your credit report is telling a lie, you have every right to be angry and every right to demand a solution. I am SaraEllen Hutchison, a Seattle, Washington, consumer protection attorney with more than a decade of experience. I devote my law practice to protecting consumers from injuries caused by credit report errors, debt collection harassment and other illegal debt practices.

Is it impossible for you to get a home or auto loan because the credit reporting agency mixed your files with someone else’s? Is a debt older than 7 years still on your credit report? Or is a creditor or debt collector coming after you for a bill you already paid? Credit reporting agencies (also known as “credit bureaus”) aren’t ghosts, but their computers can haunt you. And when the computers make mistakes, those companies don’t have an easy fix.

That’s where I come in. If you have disputed the incorrect information on your credit report and the credit bureau refuses to change it, a lawsuit may be necessary. As a former criminal law attorney and graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, I know how to tell your story at trial. My goal is to ensure the jury leaves knowing that you have been through a nightmare.

Find out how my consumer protection law firm, the Law Office of SaraEllen Hutchison, PLLC, can help you.

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