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Those facing criminal charges in Seattle, Washington, need a knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced attorney to protect their rights as they work through the justice system, and Dilek Law offers just that. At our law office, we believe that every person should invoke their constitutional rights to an attorney as quickly as possible after being arrested or charged in order to protect their future and their record.

Although our law office is focused on King County, we also represent clients in Pierce and Snohomish counties. Clients are given a free initial consultation to gain some counsel and advice from a qualified attorney during a very crucial time in their lives. To make it even easier, we accept credit card payments in our office for our services.

We handle felonies, misdemeanors -such as DUI and DWLS charges, federal criminal charges and traffic infractions in relation to criminal defense. Those who have been injured by the negligence or carelessness of another in an automobile accident may also come to us for help getting the compensation they deserve after a life-changing incident. Clients receive personalized service and special attention as they are defended aggressively in the courtroom.

At Dilek Law, we offer services in fluent German, English and Turkish. Our attorney has experience as a large corporation’s in-house counsel, a prosecutor and as a public defender, making her a well-rounded and seasoned litigator. With a better understanding of how both sides of the courtroom work, our law office team is skilled and qualified to handle any criminal case.

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