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The Law Office of Martha J. Olson & Associates has been guiding people from divorce and child custody issues to a better future for themselves and their families since 1983.

Our law firm is highly experienced and offers an exceptional, friendly, down-to-earth client experience. For 36 years, we have helped individuals work through a divorce and find resolutions to custody issues that place a child’s interests at the forefront.

Our attorneys represent clients in San Jose, California, in these and other family law matters:

Child custody and visitation, including grandparents’ rights
Domestic Violence/restraining orders
Child support
Property division
Spousal support
Child abductions
Domestic partnerships
Modifications to custody, visitation and support
Move-away/parental relocation issues

Life is too short to be in an unhappy marriage. Now is the time to make changes in your life —not 20 years down the line. We understand you feel scared and uncertain about how the decision will impact you future, but our experience has taught us that you may have more options than you think.

For a free consultation on your family law case, contact The Law Office of Martha J. Olson & Associates at (408)703-1124. Your lawyer for a happier life. Call today and get started.

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