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We are the Dayton Law Firm, an estate planning and administration firm located in San Jose, California. We offer turnkey estate planning and estate administration services to people in Santa Clara County and throughout the Bay Area. Using our understanding of the costs, vulnerabilities, and complexities that the state probate and federal tax laws can cause, our attorneys offer personalized attention and dedicated assistance to ensure your gifts go to your loved ones the way you want. For the convenience of our clients, our law firm accepts credit cards.

People are often reluctant to think about their own mortality. Their end of life plans may not only affect their property, but also their ongoing care and futures of their children and grandchildren. Keeping our clients’ needs and goals at the forefront of our focus, we spend the time to advise you through the decisions to be made when planning your estate. We rely on our experiences administering estates to be able to better assist you when setting up your plan because we know how plans are administered after you are gone. Our attorneys aid in drafting simple wills and trusts to help our clients specify what each of their heirs should receive and avoid the probate process. We also assist in advising more complex plans that may be designed to maximize tax planning and protect gifts from loved one’s creditors.

In addition to addressing our clients’ property and assets, we also help them prepare for the range of challenges they may face as they age. This includes injuries, illnesses, or other factors that may leave you with decreased physical or mental capacity. Our attorneys help people free their loved ones of the burden of having to make difficult medical and care-related decisions on their behalf by assisting our clients to specify their health and long-term care wishes.

Our team at The Dayton Law Firm recognizes that creating a plan is only the first step. Passionate about giving our clients peace of mind, we provide estate and probate administration assistance, so those we represent can rest assured that their loved ones will have help in carrying out their wishes. While we are good at administering our own plan, we can also help you handle estates with almost any amount of planning, even if nothing was done beforehand.

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