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Having practiced real estate law in San Francisco since 2005, I have the experience and skillSharma to serve clients on a variety of residential and commercial real estate issues and disputes in the Bay Area. I work with landlords, homeowners and homeowner associations to resolve disputes.

San Francisco and the entire Bay Area have some of the most challenging real estate markets in the world because of the value of the property as well as the rules and laws regulating it. It is also a fact that real estate agreements are not always honored and that the other party can misrepresent themselves when you enter into an agreement.

This can mean going to court. My strong background in litigation here in California is based on my ability to see opportunities and precedents that other lawyers overlook. I have found great success finding the exception to the exception through diligent research, which can make the difference in the successful resolution of your case. However, I also understand real estate litigation can be expensive and can drag on for months. I always attempt to resolve matters equitably and quickly.
Typical Cases I Work With Clients On

I handle a wide range of commercial and residential real estate issues, including the following:

Landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions, rent increases, breaches of lease, harassment, housing discrimination and other issues.
Illegal rentals, including units created without permits, illegal Airbnb rentals, illegal sublets and other issues.
Homeowner association disputes, including not paying dues, refusing to follow HOA guidelines, repair issues, and other matters.
Property and boundary disputes involving homeowners and neighbors as well as co-owners living on the same property.

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