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O’Connor and Associates is a premier litigation boutique, with acknowledged excellence in trial practice and procedure. In addition to its trial and litigation services, O’Connor and Associates offers litigation avoidance counseling and early dispute resolution capabilities.

O’Connor and Associates is by design nimble, proactive and efficient. Matters are handled primarily by the principal attorney John D. O’Connor. Additional staffing is added only as needed, through a network of experienced lawyers and paralegals who associate regularly with O’Connor and Associates. Each task is assigned to a lawyer with appropriate capabilities and experience, in keeping with the philosophy that a client’s case is too important to be a training exercise.

Substantively, firm attorneys have proven successes in a wide range of subject matter areas, characterized broadly as business, business tort, property damage and personal injury litigation. The firm has both pursued and defended a wide range of contract, fraud, unfair competition, employment, environmental, product liability, director and officer, professional liability, and other statutory and tort claims. Economic sectors in which O’Connor and Associates has significant experience include real estate, government, banking, insurance, advertising, manufacturing, high tech and biotech, hospitality and gaming, sales and distribution, construction and professional.

Even though all litigation by its very nature involves risk and uncertainty, O’Connor and Associates is willing to provide focused projections of likely success that will often become more certain as trial approaches. It is a core philosophy of the firm that significant trial experience is crucial not only in devising successful litigation strategies but also in evaluating accurately the likelihood of success at trial. Astute evaluation, in turn, is critical to achieving a sensible, confident resolution of disputes, whether through mediation, direct negotiation, trial or other alternative dispute resolution procedures.

The record of success of O’Connor and Associates attorneys in any particular area can be more fully explicated as applicable to a particular client’s situation. References from a wide variety of attorneys, other professionals, former judges and clients will be provided, as discretion permits, upon request.

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