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Securing Justice For Mistreated Employees

Employment law involves disputes that affect our very foundation — our livelihood. Often the parties involved in a dispute know each other well and emotions can run high. I am Ellen Mendelson, and my legal practice is focused on assisting my clients through employment-related disputes in a compassionate, respectful manner.
Have A Question About California Employment Law? I Can Help.

I am an employment law attorney who represents State, Federal, and Municipal government employees, as well as private employees, in a wide range of employment matters. My areas of practice include:

Disputes over wrongful termination, discharge, layoffs, severance agreements and workplace discipline
Issues related to retirement, disability and pensions
Defense of professional licenses before administrative licensing agencies
Workplace discrimination, retaliation and harassment claims
Respond to and defend against Notice of Removal, Notice of Intent to Terminate, and other dscipline by governmental agencies and employers

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