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Kronenberger Rosenfeld is a leading Internet law firm. As Internet attorneys, our practice focuses exclusively on matters of Internet law. That focus, and the in-depth experience that comes with it, allows us to provide our clients with specialized attention and problem solving in all aspects of Internet law. From Internet copyright and trademark infringement to online fraud, from consumer privacy to domain disputes, and from user-generated content to marketing on the Wireless Web, if it involves the Internet, we’ve probably seen it.

What distinguishes us most from other law firms is that we understand Internet technologies. As Internet lawyers, we speak the language of Internet-oriented businesses. Our eyes don’t gloss over at the mention of PPC trademark infringement, cybersquatting, web copyright infringement, hacking, SMS marketing, Internet Protocol addresses or metadata. We are pioneers in this area of Internet law because as internet lawyers we have followed our passion for technology, media and the Internet, and the unique issues of law that arise in transactions in those areas. We are also seasoned intellectual property lawyers, with years of experience in Internet-related legal issues.

We are experienced Internet defamation lawyers, focusing on a wide array of internet speech issues. Our spam law experience is virtually unmatched, as our firm is responsible for multiple precedent setting spam cases.

Our key areas of practice are:

Copyright Infringement


Domain Law

Internet Defamation

Spam Law

Trademark Infringement

Website agreements

Communication & Online Case Submission. We are committed to communicating well with our clients and to keeping them updated at all stages of a representation. This commitment to communication begins with our free online case submission, which allows potential clients to submit their matters to us online and, in appropriate cases, to receive our prompt comments and advice.

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