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Located in Marin County, California, the Brady Law Group offers outstanding legal representation to California residents in personal injury and consumer protection matters.

The Brady Law Group acknowledges that motor vehicle accident victims require trustworthy counsel to adeptly address insurance companies and assess liability while they focus on recovery from catastrophic injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one.

Our extensive experience in product liability matters informs our representation of personal injury victims when their accidents were the result of material, design or manufacturing defects. With more than 20 years of litigation experience, the Brady Law Group understands how to effectively gather and analyze evidence proving product liability for tire defects, including tread separation, sudden pressure loss or blowouts, resulting in accidents and injuries. We also regularly work with the best experts in the country to establish accident reconstruction and the vehicle-dynamics evidence necessary to obtain the maximum compensation possible for our clients who have been injured in truck and SUV rollover accidents.

Our trial lawyers recognize that skilled legal strategy, including the use of cutting-edge technology in courtroom presentation and evaluation from credible, respected scientific and medical experts, benefits our clients with the representation they require to achieve the best result possible in each case. Steven J. Brady began his legal career working for established insurance companies and large corporations. Mr. Brady now utilizes his inside knowledge of those industries to advocate for the rights of his injured clients and ensure that their voices are heard. Recognized by his peers as a professionally talented and highly ethical attorney, Mr. Brady routinely lectures on trial strategy and presentation, educating other lawyers, government entities and community organizations.

Contact the Brady Law Group at 415-459-7300 for a free consultation on your personal injury, product liability or consumer protection matter.

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