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If you live in the San Diego area and experienced a violation of your rights as an employee or some other serious workplace grievance, you need an attorney on your side who focuses solely on labor and employment law to help you obtain the full and fair restitution you deserve.

The W Firm in San Diego, California, focuses exclusively on workers’ rights. As such, they have the effective skills and extensive experience necessary to help you protect yourself and preserve your livelihood.

Serving clients across Southern California, attorney Jason Whooper established his law firm with a mission to deliver the highest level of advocacy and support possible to those facing legal challenges involving:

Employment discrimination and harassment
Whistleblower defense and workplace retaliation
Wrongful termination
Overtime and wage disputes
Employee misclassifications
Lunch and rest break issues
Class actions
Severance pay and business expense reimbursement
All other areas of employment and labor law

An attorney since 2011, Mr. Whooper has helped hundreds of workers throughout the region, and he has an unwavering passion for justice. Along with being a highly rated attorney, Mr. Whooper also holds a Master of Business Administration and he has a diverse background that makes him well-suited to handle your needs. His law firm receives many positive reviews and referrals from satisfied clients.

Do not fight your battle alone. By contacting The W Firm’s law office and taking advantage of their free initial consultation, you can begin the process of receiving the quality, dependable representation you need during your difficult and uncertain time.

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