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The firm specializes in Real Estate and Construction Law, including trial litigation involving foreclosure of mechanics liens, enforcement of stop notices, Miller Act claims, bond claims, labor claims, breach of contract and tort claims. The Parkman Law Firm also provides Business Law services, including corporate, LLC, and partnership formation and maintenance. Finally, our firm can assist you with drafting wills and trusts and further estate planning.

The founding partner, Ms. Parkman’s litigation experience includes multi-million-dollar claim disputes involving state, federal and private construction matters, as well as construction defect litigation. Claims include, but are not limited to, Federal Miller Act, mechanics liens, stop notices, payment and performance bond claims, stop notice release bond claims, contractor license bond issues, change orders, extra work, delay claims, both direct and indirect, home office burden disputes (Eichleay formula), acceleration claims, disruption claims, and claims for damages stemming from impacts to construction schedules. All of which involved extensive legal research, motion drafting, court appearances, oral argument, discovery, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, trial preparation, trial counsel.

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