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Based in San Rafael, in the heart of beautiful Marin County, the Law Offices of Robert A. Stack strive to provide personalized legal services which are crafted and designed to your needs. Louis Napoli is dedicated to providing estate planning, real estate, and family law counsel to you, based upon your requirements, needs, and concerns.

Our Focus is on YOU

Our philosophy is to focus upon you and put your needs at the forefront of the representation. Simply put, it means that all issues, procedures, costs, and alternatives are clearly explained, discussed, and approved by you.

We understand how difficult many legal decisions and situations are, including planning your estate, dealing with the death or illness of a loved one, dealing with a complex transaction or dispute, and dealing with divorce, custody, and family issues. We help you through the decision process with counsel which is sensitive to you, which is informative to you, and which helps you deal with the difficult issues and concerns you face.

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