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Whether people are applying for a temporary work visa or are seeking permanent residency in San Diego, California, our law firm, Kazmi & Sakata is there to streamline the immigration process. For more than 10 years, we have helped individuals and companies apply for and secure all required paperwork necessary to work and live across country boundaries.

When it comes to foreign workers, we help our clients identify the appropriate visa for their situation. Our attorneys carefully explain the application requirements, which may include documents from the person’s home country or proof of employment with a company. Our law firm then assists with filling out forms and submitting them to the correct department in a timely fashion.

We follow the same process for domestic immigration cases. Our lawyers explain the various types of visas available depending on a client’s situation. A K-3 visa is designed for spouses, for example, while a K-1 is needed for foreign fiancé or fiancée. Our law firm educates clients on the specific set of requirements for each visa. We ensure all applications contain sufficient and accurate information, as missing or incorrect details can result in expensive delays and denial.

In addition to general immigration matters, we also offer extensive niche experience in naturalization, consulate processing and corporate law. At Kazmi & Sakata, regardless of what brings them to our office, we invite all prospective clients to discuss their case with us in a free initial consultation. We accept credit cards as payment.

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