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Large and powerful corporations, insurance companies and government entities possess vast resources in defending themselves in lawsuits filed against them. Laws governing private companies and public agencies are complex, requiring seasoned representation with a foundation of legal knowledge.

On behalf of his clients, Jason Black has leveled the playing field when disputes arise. “Fighting For People” is more than a slogan at our law firm. It is simply what we do at the Law Offices Of Jason Black.

Wage and hour laws in California are among the most complex in the nation. Jason Black possesses experience and insight into representing both employees and employers at his law firm. For employees, individually and collectively as class actions, he is a dedicated lawyer who fights to secure rightful wages for unpaid overtime, missed lunch periods and vacations, including applicable interest and penalties. For employers, he offers guidance and defends them against individual claims at the state and federal level.

Following a serious accident, insurance companies will claim to have your best interests in mind. What they want is a fast settlement that minimizes compensation. Before speaking to anyone, contact Jason Black at his San Diego law firm. He will protect your rights and maximize compensation on your behalf.

Business disputes can be costly both in time and money. Business owners should be focused on day-to-day operations and run their business with confidence. When disputes arise that threaten their bottom line or the existence of a company, Jason Black serves as a trusted adviser and aggressive advocate. Jason has experience in protecting and enforcing intellectual property and trade secrets in “bet the company” litigation.

Put your trust in an experienced and aggressive attorney who is tough, proven, effective and accessible. In fact, Jason Black accepts appointments on the weekend and has two paralegals who are fluent in Spanish.

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