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Alex Scheingross was selected for the 5th straight year to the San Diego edition of Super Lawyers Magazine for his work on personal injury cases. He is a respected member of the plaintiff’s bar and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. He has also undergone extensive training in jury trial litigation with Mr. Gerry Spence and the Trial Lawyers College.

Mr. Scheingross has been recognized by the Consumer Attorneys for his “Dedication to his clients rights and demonstrations of standards of excellence,” for his work on six different cases and has earned the Organization’s highest honor, an “Outstanding Advocacy Award,” for his work in State Farm v. Renko, where he proved by clear and convincing evidence that a beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy was obtained by coercion. Among Mr. Scheingross’s jury trial victories are Rivas v. City of San Diego, a case in which his client was injured at a job site and received a jury award of $432,250 (the defendant’s best offer was $60,000) and Sarantos v. Heavenly Oaks. In the Sarantos matter he represented the listing real estate broker for the sale of a mobile home park. His client was awarded $140,000 in attorneys fees (prior to trial, Mr. Scheingross’s client had offered to pay the opposition $10,000 in order to avoid the expense of a four week jury trial).

Mr. Scheingross has been recognized for his pro bono work on behalf of the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program . He has also served as a judge pro tem of for the San Diego County Superior Court, as well as acted as an arbitrator on behalf of the court and for uninsured motorist cases. He has led continuing legal education workshops for the San Diego Inns of Court and been a lecturer for the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego.

Alex Scheingross graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He then attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He has maintained offices in San Diego County, CA, since his admission to the bar in 1977. His practice emphasizes civil litigation including personal injury. traffic and other accidents, traumatic injuries to the brain and spinal cord, products liability, insurance, class action disputes, and probate, wills, trusts, and probate litigation.

In addition to his law related activities, Mr. Scheingross has served on the board of directors for several community groups to make San Diego a better place, including spending 13 years at Thanksgivings working for the Salvation Army, serving dinner for those in need.


Auto Accident
Settlement $975,000, victim had no objective signs of injury but complained of difficulties with memory, pain to the neck, and mild hearing loss.

Premises Liability
Settlement, $615,000 for broken hip caused by landlord ignoring years of water damage to the building

Auto Accident
Jury Verdict $383,000 for low back and neck injury

Construction Site Accident
Jury Verdict $432,250 ( construction site injury – defendant’s best offer $60,000)

Elder Abuse
Obtained $612,500 settlement for 78 year old gentleman who was allowed to wander away from Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, and suffered severely broken hand.

Real Estate Litigation
(4 week jury trial) Represented cross-defendant Salerno. Obtained 12-0 defense verdicts on all liability issues. Post trial, was awarded $140,000 in attorney fees. Mr. Salerno was the listing broker for the sale of a mobile home park . He was sued as a cross-defendant by the seller of the park. Salerno had offered $10,000 to seller to settle, but offer was refused.

Wage and hour class action case
Achieved $3,200.000 settlement for employees who had wrongfully been denied meal and rest breaks, and/or had worked uncompensated overtime.

Auto Accident
Achieved $500,000 settlement for 81 year old client who was hit by a truck, injuring her leg.

Auto Accident, Insurance Litigation
Achieved policy limits settlement for 42 year old woman rendered quadriplegic by drunk driver

Auto Accident, Insurance Litigation
Achieved policy limits recovery ( double Allstate’s best offer) for woman whose back was injured by underinsured driver.

Trucking Accident, Insurance Litigation
42 year old nurse struck by truck. Shoulder injury. After start of jury trial, Allstate agreed to settle on behalf of defendant for 5 times their original offer.

Auto Accident
48 year old nurse suffered head injury causing tinnitus as a result of car crash. Arbitration verdict $185,000.

Personal Injury
Obtained 6 figure settlement from defendant for infecting client with std

Will & Trust Content
Overturned beneficiary designation in decedent’s trust which had excluded client (settlement)

Will & Trust Contest
Overturned beneficiary designation on life insurance policy

Will & Trust Contest
Overturned beneficiary designation in decedent’s will


I called to make an appointment and he answered my basic questions right over the phone. I will be using his services in the future and have already referred my mother. He was very knowledgeable, and made his answers to the point and easy to understand.

Best in the USA!
It is with great pleasure to write this review concerning the Law Offices of Alex B. Scheingross as well as Mr. Scheingross himself, whom I’ve known, both professionally and personally, and who has provided me outstanding continuous legal service for over 15 years to this date. Straightforward and honest, Mr. Scheingross and his law firm offer only the finest in legal advice and services. With pinpoint accuracy and clarity, this law firm will represent your interest with the utmost of professionalism while ensuring the highest level of integrity, sincerity and confidentiality. As expected, the supporting staff are above reproach, extremely thorough, and represent an impeccable degree of competence and confidence. I would recommend enthusiastically and without hesitation this law firm for any/all legal issues/concerns one may be confronted with in the San Diego area.

Expert Legal Advice
In January of 2004 my car was rear-ended by a utility truck. My car was totaled and I was air-lifted by helicopter to a trauma unit. Iwas there for 10 days and then went to a rehab center for 2 months. I had multiple injuries and it was evident that I needed legal advice. The only lawyer I wanted to represent me was Alex Scheingross. He had prepared my living trust several years before this happened and I was impressed by how thorough he had handled my wishes. Alex came to the hospital and rehab center and together we worked on my case. He was a tough negotiator and I was truly impressed with how he handled questions from the “other side”. I was very pleased at the settlement and would recommend Alex for any type of legal services.

Alex Stands Up To The Car Insurance Companies
My wife had 2 surgeries on her neck and 1 on her arm after she was badly hurt in a traffic accident when a driver drove into the rear of her SUV while she was stopped at a stop light. The other driver’s insurance company said my wife could not have been hurt in the accident because there was very little damage to the SUV because the trailer hitch on her SUV took the brunt of the impact. Alex wouldn’t let up. He kept up the pressure on the insurance company while preparing us for trial. Just a week before the trial was to start Alex was able to get the insurance company to stop playing chicken with us and settled the case for the money my wife deserved. Alex was great, he always returned our calls and was there when we needed him. I have since referred other friends to him and would use him again.

Most Honest Attorney I Know
I have known Alex for about 18 years. A client made me executor of her will. The rest is history. Alex has since helped me with a civic matter and some family law. Alex has always impressed me with his honesty and high integrity.

I was well taken care of
It makes me feel good when someone from Law Offices of Alex B. Scheingross calls and asks, “How are you feeling?” I have never had calls like that before from an attorney, and it just brightens your day.

Very Professional and to the Point
After going through two attorneys for my brother’s trust, my brother-in-law, highly recommended Alex. I found that Alex was always straight forward and to the point. Right from the start, he wasted no time telling me what couldn’t be accomplished, what needed to be done, and what would be too expensive to undertake. Alex responded quickly and wasted no time.

annamarie at teamj
Sleepless Nights Were Taken Away by Alex…….
Alex Scheingross and asst.,Annette, listened and allowed us to tell them about our problem(Family Trust)and gave us options that were great. We selected him because of his honesty, warmth, down to earth communicator and we knew he would put to rest the unnecessary family problem. He was highly recommended by our “general attorney” and he met all of our expections personnaly and financially. We would use him again,if needed. Thank-You Alex Scheingross, George & Anna Marie Linder

Had the pleasure of talking to Alex Scheingros last week about a fall I took on a city sidewalk which had some hazardous upliftings. He patiently explained alternatives that I had. I felt that he had my best interest in mind, rather than obtaining another client, I have not decided what I will do, but if I pursue this case I would seek him out.

Knowledgeable, professional, tenacious, caring
Mr. Scheingross handled my personal injury case stemming from a severe freeway accident. I am very happy with the results he obtained for me. In my opinion, he is extremely knowledgeable and effective, and he sincerely cares for his clients.

Excellent Will Preparation!
I relied on Kudzu to direct me to the best lawyer for legal services (my will), and my expectations were far exceeded. The references were all very accurate! Alex did a great job in formulating my requests and he was an excellent listener. He gave me some good advice regarding specifics and legalities to make it easier on my family in dealing with probate. Not that I’m going anywhere soon, but I knew I had to prepare this document and Alex made the process very easy. Highly recommended and a fair price!

Great legal advise
I am a court reporter and used the services of Alex B. Scheingross to set up my trust. He did an excellent job and also has given me great advise on other aspects of the law. He is very knowledgeable and diligent in his practice. I would highly recommend Mr. Scheingross.

Highly recommended
We have known Alex for the past twenty years. We find him to be very knowledgeable, very ethical and very determined to get the job done. Aside from this he is very responsible. We always look to Alex for all our legal matters. Don’t hesitate to call upon him.

Best Attorney in Town
I hired Mr. Scheingross to represent me in a pharmacy malpractice case. A pharmacy dispensed the wrong medication to me which made me extremely sick. I was able to speak to Mr. Scheingross the first time I called his office. He was very polite, concerned and caring about what happened to me. I hired him to settle my claim against the pharmacy. Several times he would call just to see how I was feeling. Whenever he had something to tell me about my case, he would promptly call me. Within a couple of weeks, my claim was settled. I found him very easy but highly professioal to talk to. When I called his office, he seemed to always be available to speak to me. If he wasn’t in the office, he would call me back within one day at the most. His staff was very friendly and also answered my questions. If Mr. Scheingross was out of the office, his staff would let you know when to expect a call back from him. I would highly recommend Mr. Scheingross for all your legal needs. You will not be disappointed in the exceptional service you receive from him.

Alex Scheingross, Attorney
Alex Scheingross has been our attorney for over 20 years. He is extremely knowledgeable about estate planning and other areas of law. He is available to his clients and promptly returns calls. Mr. Scheingross is detailed and thorough in his work. We have known him to be trustworthy and efficient and in addition, Mr. Scheingross’s fees are very reasonable!!

An Attorney you can count on
Availability – If you want to be able to obtain legal help whenever you need it, I would definitely and confidently recommend Alex B. Scheingross. He will be there for you. Keeps appointments and promises – You are busy and he is busy. Appointments will be planned between the parties and he will deliver. Reasonable cost for services – You will always know from the beginning to completion where you are on the price/cost of what you want him to do for you. The cost of the service for any change or addition will always be discussed prior to performance and not done without your prior approval. Extraordinary reach to specialists – Law is complicated and has many specialties. He is the kind of lawyer who knows his expertise. He will let you know when he wants to call on colleagues for special advice and/or participation. Powerful sense of integrity – You will always know whether your request for his services are inside the law, are ethical and of course reasonable. And of course all your discussions are private and confidential. Intellectual – You will get the best of the interpretation of the law that fits your needs. This will be true for simple needs such as trusts and wills to more complicated requests such as personal injury issues. Humble – You will enjoy working with him. His sense of humor is well known. You can expect him to be sympathetic to your needs and so easy to work with.

Wonderful, personalized service
Mr. Scheingross is an unique attorney. He has handled multiple issues for me ranging from trust preparation to a person injury case. He is always responsive and he has been effective. Best of all his fees are fair and reasonable.

Precise, kind, fast, good listener
My husband and I are both lawyers who were without proper planning for our future. At one time, when he became ill we reached out to Alex Scheingross for urgent help. Mr. Scheingross quickly arranged an appointment to see us and had documents begun in advance to our arrival. During our visit he carefully took care of details and kindly respected our wishes as we dealt with details none of us wish to think about, like illness, death, heathcare, life sustaining decisions etc. He then completed our documents for our healthcare, trusts, wills and powers of attorney. I have recommended Mr. Scheingross to others when I am asked about whether I practice in this area or in the area of life insurance conflicts. People have actually called me back after meeting with him to thank me.

Always there and always great
Alex Scheingros gives personal care and attention to all his clients. He has helped me obtain a very good settlement after a car accident, has helped my son get legal help in another state, and has helped my family prepare our trust, will, and other personal documents. He is timely, attentive to detail, dependable and thorough. He truly cares about his clients and about giving the best service possible.

Honest, Dependable Attorney
I first met Alex Scheingros, while in the hospital. I was involved in a tragic auto accident,I was hit by a drunk driver. In the time of need my family and I were so impressed, and thankful for Mr. Scheingros. He went the extra mile to give us comfort,support and guidance through this difficult time.

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