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Wade Clark Mulcahy is a firm of trial lawyers, mainly former prosecutors and government counsel, who represent domestic and foreign corporations and insurers in a wide variety of contested and controversial matters. From the beginning, two features have characterized the firm’s practice: its knowledge and expertise in the regulation and affairs of state and federal government and its relentless focus on getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Wade Clark Mulcahy is a firm of problem solvers who counsel corporations and insurers on how to avoid problems, how to solve problems, and how to chart the way forward. Our growth has come by word of mouth and by client referrals. Today our practice areas involve litigation and counseling in a variety of contexts: commercial, insurance, products, employment, risk management, intellectual property, professional liability, directors and officers, and environmental. We also conduct fraud-based investigations and internal inquiries on behalf of corporations and insurers.

Wade Clark Mulcahy is committed to maintaining its reputation for excellence within its core areas of competency — advocacy and counseling. We stand ready at all times to focus our energies on any problem — large or small — and to resolve it cleanly, quickly and efficiently.

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Wade Clark Mulcahy
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Wade Clark Mulcahy Attorneys at Law
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