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Client Testimonials of Aaron Schlossberg:

My business suffered tremendous losses during Hurricane Sandy. Since I didn’t have a separate flood policy, no attorney wanted to handle my case. Aaron, a client of my accounting firm for over ten years, decided to take the case. His extensive experience as an attorney working for large insurance companies was invaluable in the outcome of my case. Although I knew it was a long-shot to win, Aaron found inconsistencies in the policy contract that significantly strengthen my case. During the initial mediation, I watched Aaron skillfully deconstruct the carrier’s position while strengthening my situation. Like a skillful boxer, he delivered potshots and blows to the carrier’s representative, setting him up for a knock out. After a formidable battle, Aaron procured a settlement that will help me cover some of the expenses that were incurred from the losses. Great job, Aaron!
– Alexander Sikarevich, business owner
Aaron is an excellent professional, with years of experience in litigation. Aaron is currently handling two contract cases for me and is acting with professionalism and knowledge of the subject. He even secured a victory within the first couple weeks of litigation. I always recommend Aaron’s legal services to my clients when they need an attorney’s counsel or advise.
– Gianfrancesco Mottola, Executive Director, Open Gate Communications

After years and experiencing dealing with multiple attorneys, I had the good fortune to meet Aaron Schlossberg. In a fraction of the time, he was able to provide a solution to a costly and stressful business negotiation. His expertise is equally balanced with intelligent strategy and a firm stance. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney who can accomplish overcoming great obstacles with assurance and poise.
– Candice S.

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