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Do Not Let High Debt Rule Your Life
When people have more debt than they can handle, it can quickly come to dominate their lives. It can control their finances and options, cause them a great deal of stress, constantly be on their minds, impact their emotional state and even potentially affect their relationships. Having high debt is also something individuals tend to be embarrassed about. This embarrassment can create a reluctance to seek out help. However, getting the help of a professional is very important. It will help you understand what options you have for getting free of debt.

Michael Adler, Attorney at Law, is based in Staten Island, New York. We are a solo attorney law firm that is committed to assisting individuals in difficult debt situations. We help consumers address debt problems through the bankruptcy process.

Guiding You Through Bankruptcy Or Real Estate Transaction Matters
We handle Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. This type of bankruptcy, when used in the right circumstances, can be a very powerful debt relief tool. At Michael Adler, Attorney at Law, we help individuals determine if Chapter 7 is the right solution for them, helping to navigate through the bankruptcy process, every step of the way.

In addition to our bankruptcy practice, we represent individuals in real estate transactions. We can provide legal guidance in relation to all sorts of transactional matters, including sales, purchases, refinancing and new construction. Lawyer Michael Adler is admitted to practice in both New York and New Jersey, so he is able to handle real estate transaction matters that touch on both states.

In both our bankruptcy and real estate law practices, we put a big focus on being straightforward and honest with our clients and providing them with effective, efficient and dedicated representation.

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