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Shimon Haber was born in 1955, Teaneck, NJ. He is a lawyer, master of laws, professional attorney by the basic declaration. For many years, Haber was the head of law firm based in New Jersey, which brought together a larger number of lawyers and acted in several legal areas. He was a board member of National Attorney Society, deputy manager at Haber LLC and secretary of state administration in New York.

Shimon Haber is also an author of numerous articles published in scientific journals and daily newspapers. In December 2004 the Local Attorney Committee elected Shimon Haber as the first Commissioner for Information of Public Importance in New York.

December 2011 he was re-elected to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection. While working as a Commissioner for Information, Shimon Haber received good reviews and numerous accolades from experts and the general public, including formal annual honors and awards –

2006 “Special Charter (Journalists Association of New Jersey),
2007” Personality of the year in the struggle for freedom of the press,
“2008” TheAmerican “(First New York House),
2009” The Knight calls “(League of Experts – LEX),
2010” the Reformer “(National Alliance for Local economic development – NALED),
2011 Award for contribution to the fight against corruption (Mission to the Council of anti-corruption), “Personality of the Year” and an honorary member of the Independent journalists’ Association of the USA.
2012 Award for contribution to the USA (International Press Movement)
2013 Award for the institution with the highest level of anti-corruption Integrity (BIRODOM).

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