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Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC: Serving Executives, Employees, Investors and Inventors
Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing personalized legal services to individuals, families and businesses in New York, New York. We offer innovative, creative strategies that help our clients resolve their legal issues quickly and effectively, in many instances, before going to trial. Yet, we are litigators who handle a variety of employment law, intellectual property and securities fraud matters. Skilled in arbitration and mediation, we represent individuals, companies and international businesses in a variety of practice areas, including:

Employment law
Class-action lawsuits
Employment discrimination
Employment realization
Executive compensation
Noncompeting agreements
Rights of service members
Sexual harassment in the workplace
Wage and hour pay claims
Whistleblower protection
Wrongful termination
Securities fraud litigation
FINRA claims
Intellectual property matters
Copyright infringement
Theft of trade secrets
Since our firm’s founding, we have built our reputation on protecting the best interests of clients, regardless of the size, scale or scope of their legal needs. With a personal, flexible approach to working with individuals and businesses, we are confident that our lawyers can assist you in achieving a sustainable solution.

Contact us at 866-496-0136 in our New York office. We offer a free 15-minute consultation with an experienced Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC attorney.

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Kilgore & Kilgore PLLC (Main Office)
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