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Hermina Law Group — Off-Site General Counsel Services For Foreign Missions In The U.S., The Hermina Law Group provides general counsel services for foreign embassies in the United States. Hermina Law Group founded the Off-Site General Counsel Program in 1997 in recognition of the changes to international laws and the rapid deterioration of sovereign immunity laws. In many cases, the program gives the foreign missions, countries, and their citizens the opportunity to obtain a full range of services on a flat monthly rate, potentially saving embassies thousands of dollars in fees ordinarily billed on an hourly rate.

Services generally included in the flat rate general counsel program are (but are not necessarily limited to):

Provide strategic legal advice to foreign mission employees, diplomats, and citizens
Establish internal governance policies including employment and third-party contracts
Provide advice in order to prevent incidental waiver of immunity that may subject the country, foreign mission, or its personal to law suites in U.S. Courts.
Deal with external parties including regulatory and government agencies
Drafting agreements and negotiating with third-party contractors in order to minimize risks and maximize legal rights
Assist the foreign mission in compliance or challenging of State Department Diplomatic Notes or other directives
Provide advice regarding the detention, arrest, and removal of citizens.

Our Law Firm Helps Your Embassy Meet Financial Responsibilities

By entering into the Hermina Law Group’s Off-Site General Counsel Program, your mission will be able to establish a predictable fixed budget that would help eliminate the approval for a case by case. Your mission is likely to save thousands of dollars in billable hourly attorneys’ fees for work that we will agree to perform at a flat rate.

To discuss a standard retainer agreement, contact the firm at 230-360-0204 to meet with a lawyer at our firm.

Sample Firm Litigation Involving Sovereign Immunity for One of a Country Client:

Arab American TV v. Arab Republic of Egypt, Safwat Al-Sharief, and Egyptian Television Union.
Alexandria Ship Yard v. United States of America
Marc A. Lewitinn v. Arab Republic of Egypt
Mohamed Lasheen v. Arab Republic of Egypt
Yale New Haven Hospital v. Arab Republic of Egypt
Lilian Stern v. Arab Republic of Egypt
St. Johns University v. Arab Republic of Egypt
Ahmad Bahagat v. Egypt

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