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Experienced Whistleblower – Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Litigators

Employees often see evidence of fraud in billing state, federal and local governments. The right thing to do is report illegal activity, but people are often intimidated and unaware how to do this.

The solution is to work with an experienced qui tam/False Claims Act law firm like Fischer Legal Group of New York City.

Fischer Legal Group ~ ‘A Litigation Boutique’

Our firm focuses on one thing, filing claims against medical and other companies that have cheated taxpayers by defrauding the government. Our clients acquire our formidable legal skills and experience, and are entitled to a significant percentage of the dollar amount in the claim.

We now this is not an easy time for you. Being a whistleblower in a Medicare/Medicaid fraud matter is an insecure place to be. You may worry about your job; you may even have lost your job. Our goal is to fight for your interests and reputation, and put those anxieties behind you.

Our attorneys work cases here in New York, and also in the Tampa, Florida area. Besides Whistleblower—Medicare/Medicaid fraud cases, we take qui tam cases involving every kind of procurement and billing fraud.

If you have evidence of fraud against state government, the federal government, or local governments, we can help. Talk to lawyer Andrea Fischer at our New York office. We can chart a path toward financial reward and peace of mind.

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