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My name is Susan Egan. I am a New York City employment lawyer who represents employers having issues with their staff. I have been doing this for more than 30 years. I represent employers facing problems in any of the following areas:

Sexual harassment
Hostile work environment
Pregnancy discrimination
Wage and hour claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act
Wrongful termination
Investigations by the Federal or State Department of Labor
I also help employers with employee manuals and policies, practices and procedures which can help you avoid claims and provide you with a defense in the event that a claim is made.

Sound Legal Advice To Accompany Your Sound Business Judgment

Your relationship with your employees is one of your most valuable corporate assets. My firm’s most important task is helping you find efficient solutions to problems with your staff. I recommend a proactive approach to prevent problems before they occur when possible, and when it is not possible, I recommend a solution which resolves the issue in the manner least disruptive to your business.

Avoid Costly Litigation

The first thing I tell my clients is to avoid litigation if at all possible. It is precisely because I have been litigating employment issues for more than 30 years that I am comfortable recommending against it. Almost any other solution to a problem will be more cost-effective and more likely to resolve the issue.


One of the best ways to avoid litigation is to mediate. Mediation is an organized discussion between the employer and the employee about the issue and how to resolve it. Egan Law Firm can help you organize the mediation. I can represent you in the mediation. I can serve as the mediator and, once a solution has been found, provide the documentation necessary to memorialize it.

When Litigation Cannot Be Avoided

When the issue cannot be resolved without litigation, Egan Law Firm strives to create a fee structure which accommodates your cash flow. My firm can charge a flat monthly rate. We can agree in advance on what you will be charged for each thing done, such as charging a certain amount for the answer to the complaint or a certain amount for discovery requests. My firm can charge you on an hourly basis for whatever we do.

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