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A traditional tax law firm that was created to help those under the heavy burden of IRS or State tax collections. The firm was founded to provide personalized attorney-based tax law services, at affordable fees. We operate under a simple principle, if we can help you we will explain how, if we cannot, we will explain why. Either way, after a call with our firm you will know exactly where you stand.

J. David Tax Law is a firm of experienced tax attorneys. You will never have anyone handling your case that is less than a licensed attorney. Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants have far less education, experience, and licensing requirements to represent someone before the IRS or State tax agencies. With our tax firm, you are getting a true, seasoned professional to do battle for you with the IRS of State. We are not a tax resolution company, and that shows in how we treat our clients and in the positive outcomes we consistently get in the simple to very complex tax cases. Be aware that most so-called “tax resolution companies” work to keep you from having access to your attorney. We provide your attorney’s direct line and email address the day you become a client and encourage you to have that one-to-one interaction. Want to meet with your attorney, we love to meet our clients face-to-face.

We are a conventional, old-guard tax firm that represents clients with tax debts of any amount. There’s no tax debt problem that we can’t handle. Owing a tax debt is the most dangerous financial situation that you will ever face. Do not trust this to anyone less than a tax lawyer. Our fee payment plans make representation possible for everyone. Don’t believe you can afford an actual tax attorney, call us and we’ll show you how you can. We are awaiting your call to assist you.

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