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Our goal is to provide a comprehensive set of miltary law resources; however, no online guide can replace the services of an experienced military lawyer. If you have a specific question regarding military law, including Court-Martial and Administrative Separations, we strongly urge you to contact military lawyer Stephen Karns or another attorney experienced in military law.

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Types of Military Court-Martial
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The Law Office of Stephen P. Karns provides military criminal defense representation to Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines from prosecutions charged under the authority of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Mr. Karns defends service members at General, Special, & Summary Courts-Martial, Article 15 & 32 Hearings, and Administrative Separations.

Mr. Karns’ law office is in Dallas, Texas. He handles military cases located throughout the United States and around the globe, including the Middle East, Europe and Asia, as well as combat zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

As a former United States Army Major and JAG Corps attorney, Mr. Karns is well-versed in military law and procedure. He is an aggressive military trial lawyer with over a decade of experience and his reputation as a skilled, forceful lawyer in the military legal system is well-earned. His success stems from his comprehensive military legal acumen, dedication to a client’s right of due process under the law, and sensitivity to a client’s needs and concerns regarding his or her case.

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