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Robert A. Clifford founded a personal injury law firm in his name in 1984. For more than 25 years, he has worked to establish a national reputation. Clifford Law Offices now boasts 21 attorneys, who, combined, represent hundreds of years of practice in personal injury law. Since its inception, the entire staff of Clifford Law Offices has been dedicated to the goal of representing the rights of plaintiffs concentrating on:

aviation liability which includes general and commercial aviation

transportation liability

product liability

medical negligence

construction liability

premises liability

Federal Employers’ Liability Act

personal injury and wrongful death litigation

qui tam/whistleblower litigation

Every member of the firm upholds the highest principle of the legal profession in placing the individual client first. The firm often is said to set the standard in professional excellence. Moreover, it is important to note that as a result of the litigation handled by the firm, many defective products and dangerous practices have been changed or abandoned altogether.

U.S. News – Best Lawyers named Clifford Law Offices a tier one law firm in Product Liability Litigation in its 2010 national rankings. Robert Clifford was recognized by the peer-review organization as the Top 2010 Best Lawyer in Chicago in Medical Malpractice and the Top Chicago 2009 Best Lawyer in Personal Injury Law. Bob Clifford, Keith Hebeisen and Kevin Durkin were recognized by U.S. News – Best Lawyers in several areas of plaintiffs’ Personal Injury Litigation, and Mr. Clifford was named a Best Lawyer in the area of Commercial Litigation as well.

The very nature of Clifford Law Offices involves a willingness to accept the challenges and responsibilities inherent in complex litigation. This thinking and talent has led attorneys from around the country to refer cases, particularly aviation cases involving mass tort disasters, to the firm. Just as importantly, the firm is committed to investing the time and resources required to fully represent every client’s case through the successive stages of investigation, preparation and trial so that each client receives what is just and reasonable.

The clients of Clifford Law Offices come from every walk of life. The firm has represented victims of personal injury from state supreme court justices to business and professional leaders across the country, from construction workers to teachers.

Throughout the firm’s history, Robert Clifford has emphasized legal scholarship as an essential component of the successful practice of law. Members of the firm frequently lecture at seminars sponsored by law schools and bar organizations throughout the country. Collectively, members of the firm have spoken in nearly all 50 states. The members of the firm regularly contribute to legal publications – on topics ranging from gun manufacturers’ liability for handgun injury to the value of expert testimony at trial. Robert Clifford has been asked to author an annotated book on personal injury forms for a major legal publishing company.

One of the partners at Clifford Law Offices also is a registered nurse. Susan Capra contributes to the firm’s medical malpractice area with an understanding of medical terminology and procedure, enhancing the firm’s preparation of these cases. The firm also staffs a full-time nurse in the behind-the-scenes evaluation and preparation of these highly complex and specialized lawsuits.

Clifford Law Offices has pioneered many of the modern courtroom techniques now considered standard practice in the presentation of tort cases. Responding to the increased complexities of civil tort practice, the firm has won significant cases using the latest state-of-the-art computer animation, accident reconstruction techniques, three-dimensional modeling, flow charts and document enlargements.

Clifford Law Offices was the first personal injury firm in the state to use day-in-the-life videos, presenting a chronology of a personal injury victim’s life after an accident. The attorneys at Clifford Law Offices have the experience to aggressively pursue a case, assimilating, if necessary, breakthrough technological and informational resources into its practice – a philosophy the firm embraces in the service of commitment to the individual needs of each client.

Robert Clifford has demonstrated these state-of-the-art techniques at various judicial and legal bar groups around the country, familiarizing the profession to the creative and flexible uses of this type of demonstrative evidence and its impact in enhancing a jury’s understanding of a plaintiff’s case. Robert Clifford and all the members of the firm have been available to provide other attorneys with assistance – from analytical and strategic consultation to the actual courtroom presentation of a case.

The goal of the firm is to forge partnerships with referring attorneys based on the personal needs and objectives of their clients, for it is vital that these partnerships be based on mutual trust and respect. Clifford Law Offices is an accredited provider of continuing legal education and every year sponsors a two-hour seminar that is offered free to attorneys across the state, generally in the area of ethics or professionalism, in its effort to raise the standards and knowledge of lawyering.

All the members of the firm have maintained an active involvement in organizations serving the bench, the bar and the public. Robert Clifford was elected Chair to the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation in 2001. As head of this prestigious and most honored position, he led the country’s largest professional organization of trial lawyers numbering some 65,000. He has served as President of both the Illinois Trial Lawyers’ Association and the Chicago Inn of Court. He is the Illinois State Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates since 2005. He will be President of the Chicago Bar Association in 2011-2012.

Every member of the firm is a member of the ABA and several are active on various committees of this and other legal groups. Kevin Durkin and Tim Tomasik have served as head of the CBA’s Judicial Evaluation Review Committee taking the formidable task of evaluating judges slated for election in Cook County. Keith Hebeisen served as President of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association from 2005-2006.

Clifford Law Offices sponsored STATIC, Stop Texting and Talking in Cars, a student-initiated group that provides free driving simulators to high schools across the state in order to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving. The firm also is a supporter of the Red Watch Band program that teaches students in colleges and universities across the country to recognize toxic alcohol poisoning and to do something about it before it is too late.

The philosophy of Clifford Law Offices is based upon a dedication to protecting and preserving the dignity and the rights of all individuals. Toward that end, it is the commitment of Clifford Law Offices to seek justice for victims of injury – physical, intellectual, emotional, legal and financial.

These individuals generally have neither the resources to absorb often devastating personal loss, nor do they have effective political and social alliances organized on their behalf. Without feeling rage, revenge or retribution, those still grieving can channel these feelings in a more positive way in the attempt to change negligent behavior, the goal of the law firm. Experience has proven the power of a single lawsuit can eliminate the dangers caused by unsafe products and practices. Clifford Law Offices is committed to pursuing this philosophy on behalf of its clients.

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