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If you are struggling financially, you are not alone. Divorce, physical injuries, medical emergencies, job layoffs and other significant challenges cause many people to face debt problems that are beyond their control. Even for those with steady employment, high credit card interest rates and unexpected financial challenges can quickly cause significant financial distress.

For people facing the burden of unmanageable debt, bankruptcy may provide a solution. Bankruptcy has helped millions of Americans obtain the fresh start they need.

I am bankruptcy attorney Charles Covey. For more than 30 years I have been helping my clients obtain critical debt relief. I have helped thousands of clients obtain debt relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may allow you to:

Eliminate or significantly reduce your debts
Avoid home foreclosure
Stop wage garnishment
Stop auto repossession
Stop creditor harassment
Gain a fresh start

I understand that many people have concerns about bankruptcy. I am pleased to offer a free consultation to answer your questions about bankruptcy and to help you understand your options. Do not let fear of the unknown stop you from getting the critical debt relief that you need. Concerns about property loss and credit are often much greater than necessary. People who visit my office often express that they feel a renewed sense of hope and that they wish they had contacted me earlier.

My law office is located in Peoria, Illinois. Call 309-674-8125 to schedule your free consultation.

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