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An Experienced Illinois Law Firm Protecting the Rights of Accident Victims, Injured Workers and Disabled Individuals

At Ankin Law Office LLC, in Chicago, Illinois, our sole focus is on helping injured persons and surviving family members, statewide, to obtain all of the financial resources and benefits they deserve. The majority of this practice is dedicated to workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. That said, we also offer extensive experience with Social Security Disability claims and class action lawsuits.

No one is going to outwork our firm or try harder for a client than we will.

No case is too large or small either. And, in every case, our goal of maximizing recovery for the person or persons we are representing remains constant.

To help us achieve this goal, each of our attorneys has developed a few particular areas of expertise or sub-specialties. This, in turn, enables us to offer our clients the best possible representation for their individual case, regardless of the context or issues involved. The experience and targeted knowledge of our attorneys is also complemented by a team of highly skilled paralegals, investigators and other support staff, as well as by the financial and expert resources our firm has developed through years of practice.

The Injury Lawyers You Want

Very few law firms anywhere are equipped to handle all of the many different aspects of an injury claim, regardless of how the injury occurred or where.

Our multidisciplinary focus on personal injury and wrongful death claims (involving motor vehicle accidents of every type, medical negligence, defective products, property owner negligence and many other causes), class action lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims, Social Security Disability claims and injury-related legal issues such as third-party liability makes our law firm a one-stop-shop for any type of injury case.

In real terms, this means you won’t have the stress that often comes with being referred from one law firm to the next for different aspects of your case. It also means that we will get to know you better and, because of that, be able to provide you with better, more responsive personal service from start to finish as well.

If for some reason we can’t handle your case or a particular aspect of it (and this is rare), we will do our best to make sure that we refer you to someone who specializes in that field.

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Our law firm owns its own building, with free parking, in the River North section of Chicago. Although this office location is easily accessible for most, our lawyers are also available to meet with clients in their own homes or at other more convenient locations when necessary. Lastly, our legal team also includes several members who are bilingual in Spanish or Polish.

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