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When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, there are many steps that you have to take to ensure you get to discharge your debts. It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who knows all the details of bankruptcy law. At The Law Offices of William T. Peckham, we help individuals and businesses get through the bankruptcy process with as little stress as possible. Our founder, William T. Peckham, has been serving clients for 35 years by helping them get back on their feet while maintaining many of their most important assets. We do not only focus on bankruptcy, however, our firm also serves clients with legal needs related to:

Tax law
Estate planning and probate
Real estate law
Business and commercial law
Civil litigation, including landlord-tenant disputes and business disputes
Experience On Both Sides Of Bankruptcy Cases

In addition to filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy petitions on behalf of debtors, our firm also represents creditors in Chapters 7, 11 and 13 filings. This gives us the ability to see your case from all perspectives, allowing us to anticipate problems before they develop. As our client, you will receive the personal attention you need from knowledgeable attorneys who know how to go the extra mile. We have a history of getting positive results for our clients, allowing them to move on with their lives and rebuild their credit.

If you need an experienced attorney to assist you with bankruptcy, estate planning or tax matters, call us at The Law Offices of William T. Peckham today at 512-487-7604. We offer reduced rates for your initial consultation.

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