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Our firm was founded by trial attorneys John Hubble and Mark Pistorius.* The practice began with a focus on resolving serious cases of personal injury and motor vehicle accidents, insurance litigation and business disputes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. Our firm now handles these types of cases in courtrooms throughout Texas and has established a long track record of remarkable results statewide.

A Different Approach — Value Added
Here, the emphasis is placed on handling far fewer cases, on focusing our efforts on the most serious injuries and economic losses. This enables us to put more effort into each case, to work the law and the facts harder so that we can maximize the value of each case, and so that we can pay more attention to every individual plaintiff, family or business client we represent.

Many law firms cast a wide net in trying to draw in clients. They accept a high volume of cases annually, settle many cases quickly and loudly proclaim the benefits of “fast” results.

The downsides of this high-volume, low-fee business model, the ones not mentioned, are that clients rarely receive any meaningful attention or interact with the lawyer or lawyers handling their case. Also, the high volume of business means that the cases themselves rarely get the time and attention they deserve, and as a result — are most often “settled” for too little.

At Hubble & Pistorius, we have a different formula for success.

Our Focused Areas of Practice
In addition to personal injury cases involving motor vehicles, tractor-trailer accidents, and property or product-related harms — we have several other areas of focus. These include lawsuits against insurance companies for recovery, based on denial or underpayment of property claims, fire damage, economic loss, content and business interruption claims; real estate and lender liability disputes; construction defects litigation; and disputes between business owners and various business torts.

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Hubble & Pistorius (Main Office)
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