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WE ONLY REFPRESENT FEDERAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES! We handle all MSPB, EEO, OWCP, DISCIPLINE & INVESTIGATION CASES NATIONWIDE! We are dedicated to defending federal government employees’ rights to a workplace free from wrongful, retaliatory and discriminatory actions.

Bobby Devadoss is an experienced and hardworking attorney with a significant background in handling a wide variety of labor and employment cases within the federal sector. After graduating from law school with Cum laude (Honors), Bobby Devadoss, knowing that he wanted to be a labor & employment attorney, accepted a position with the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) as a federal labor attorney. During his tenure with the FLRA, Attorney Devadoss handled numerous complex cases in just about every area of federal sector labor-employment law. Based on his job performance and his reputation, Attorney Devadoss was approached by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to join their agency. Attorney Devadoss accepted the position with FAA where he diligently served FAA’s management for several years before starting this law firm where he now exclusively represents federal employees.

In an effort to better inform our clients (and potential clients) of Attorney Devadoss’ background and qualifications, we have listed below some of the accomplishments, roles, duties and responsibilities that Attorney Devadoss has experienced in his career.

Represented clients in cases involving several aspects of Title VII Discriminations.
Represented clients before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).
Represented clients specifically before the federal sector EEOC.
Litigated, Mediated, Negotiated and settled numerous employment discrimination cases.
Served as lead counsel for federal agency in several Unfair Labor Practice proceedings, Negotiability Issues, Grievances, Arbitrations, Mediations and Unemployment hearings.
Conducted Contract Negotiations and provided Interest Based Bargaining training.
Provide guidance and advice to all levels of management on matters including, but not limited to, employee performance, conduct and discipline and claims of reprisal.
Advice management officials on employment decisions that could be subsequently reviewed by the EEOC or MSPB.
Administer and provide guidance to managers on various Union Contracts.
Conducted several highly sensitive investigations concerning alleged Title VII violations.
Personally investigated over 200 Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges.
As Counsel for the General Counsel of FLRA, prosecuted several Unfair Labor Practice complaints before Federal Administrative Law Judges.
Administered highly complicated election proceedings and wrote several Decision Orders involving various union representation issues.
Conducted training for several Agencies and Unions on the Federal Labor-Management Statute and Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation

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